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Author, Judy White

They come to me, out of the blue, many times a day. I speak to them and they respond. I know the way they say their words, the way they walk, what they do when they first arise in the morning, and what they deem important in life. Their personalities are becoming set in my mind. I know many of their physical traits, but their faces are a blur. I can’t quite see their faces, yet, that is. One day, I will…I am sure of it. 

The Case Files of Sam Flanagan came alive in May of 2012, and it’s these people; those who make up my novels, that I speak of (hopefully, you’re not getting the idea that I am too off the wall). Sam, Gran, Helen, Albie and Bobby…they are my main characters to whom I have a growing relationship. They are with me constantly; they are a part of me…but I can’t visualize their faces in a clear image. Do all writers experience this? I’m not sure. Maybe we all travel the journey a bit differently.

1943 Detroit private detective Sam Flanagan stands six feet two inches tall, weighing in at 207 pounds. He has deep black hair and light blue eyes. His grandmother, Ruby, is short and on the pudgy side, wearing her short, steel gray hair in waves. She doesn’t see well enough to read the mail and she elevates her voice when speaking through a telephone receiver. Helen Foster, Ruby’s best friend, is very slender and moves with a quick determination. At 76, she colors her hair a dark brown; much too dark for her skin tone and age. And the two boys who live next door are Albie and his younger brother, Bobby. Their hair is a bit too long over their eyes and a light brown. Albie’s eyes rest behind tortoise shell glasses, and he barely utters any words at all to the detective, while Bobby is always bartering for a higher fee for chores performed for the man.

When we, ourselves are young, we visualize our appearance in the reflection of a mirror, but it takes us almost a lifetime to find what lies inside. It may be the reverse for an author striving to know the created characters; first learning what makes them tick.

I may not know all there is to know about these people, but I’m learning who they are from our conversations. With each story, I see them a little clearer; with each situation I become closer to them. Each journey takes a different path. But, oh, what a fun journey it is!

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  1. Thank you so much for having me as your guest today, Elizabeth!

  2. dang that is so true! when i write i see everything but the faces!

  3. Judith your story is so wonderful and true. It you're off the wall so am I.

  4. Great to meet Judy! I'm glad to learn about these books, they look like great reads.

  5. Sounds right up my alley. I'm going to have to check out these books...thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hi all! Thanks for stopping by while I was a guest on Elizabeth's blog, and I appreciate all your kind comments!


  7. Books sound great and I love how you describe your relationship to your characters.

  8. Delightful blog about characters. I can't picture my characters, either. I know who they are and imagine their appearance, but not their faces. It's strange when they appear on the cover of the book, because that's isn't usually how I envisioned them, or didn't.
    Lots of luck with your books.

    1. Fran, thanks for reading and replying. Means a lot to me coming from you. Glad I am not the only one. Loads of success with your books, as well.

  9. I could lie and say, "Oh yeah, I know JUST what my characters look like", but the only ones I do know the looks of exactly are ones that I imagine as particular actors or musicians.


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