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It's challenge day three! Can I manage to post twenty-six times in April? Can YOU answer the questions I ripped  gathered from my handy dandy, old-school, flip through paper pages encyclopedia?

Get them all right and you could win the boobie prize!

Wow...here on the weekend? Aren't you a trooper! Well, for your troubles...I've gathered some of the oddest things I could find to challenge you with:

Freaky Facts!

1. What was the title of the first book ever written on a typewriter?

2. What was the strangest criminal hanging in U.S. history?

3. What animal has the largest penis to body ratio?

4. What food will last forever and never spoil?

5. Who/what was the most bizarre witness for the prosecution in a murder trial?

Bonus: What is Donald Duck's middle name?

photo credit: chrisinplymouth via photopin cc

(Links are provided if you're curious to know more!! 1. Tom Sawyer;  2. Mary the elephant; 3. the barnacle; 4. honey; 5. the Greenbrier Ghost  (Zona Heaster Shue);  Bonus: Fauntleroy)


  1. They hung an elephant! That's insane. The third answer did surprise me though. Cool facts Liz.

  2. I feel so bad for the elephant.

    Except for 1 and 4, these are some crazy facts.

  3. Hahahahahah, I'm giggling like a school-girl at the word barnacle. Sorry, I'll come back when I've grown up - somewhere around 'S' probably! :-)

    1. I'm happy to see, I'm not giggling alone. My maturity and yours, are on the same wave-length this morning Annalisa :)

      Good stuff Elizabeth.

  4. What a fun fact post... Thanks Elizabeth!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hahaha, I deserve the paper bag again but I can't put it on. I'm laughing too hard.

  6. Very fun post. See? If I hadn't stopped by, look what I would have missed out learning about. Except now I'm a little depressed about the elephant.

  7. Doesn't the barnacle's penis extend about 20 times its shell length? Good to know honey doesn't spoil, because we've got some in the fridge I think we've had for about five years.

  8. Oh I can't stop laughing A Barnacle really wow. Honey doesn't spoil this is very good to know

  9. Total strike out today. I was thinking either sugar or salt for the answer of not spoiling. And I bet female barnacles are scared...

  10. Hey Elizabeth!

    I did not know any of the answers. Well hung barnacles looking for 'prawn on the internet'!

    Enjoy your weekend, Elizabeth.

    Gary :)

  11. i couldn't get pass #3 without teasingly saying my husband...is that wrong of me??? :D

  12. Yay! I knew the barnacle, but that was it :(
    BTW - I just gave you the Sunshine Award (do you even do awards?) If so, head on over to my blog and get the details :)

  13. Wow, well that was interesting! I was racking my brain on the Donald Duck one, because I swear I used to know that! Couldn't think of it though until I read your answers. :)

  14. Well, pooh. I didn't know any of these. And I want to know why they hung poor Mary.


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