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& Me!!

It's challenge time! Can I manage to post twenty-six times in April? Can YOU answer the questions I ripped  gathered from my handy dandy, old-school, flip through paper pages encyclopedia?

Get them all right and you could win the boobie prize!

We're starting our trivia with the letter:

Some amazing Americans!

1. She fought for women's suffrage...which is way more positive than it sounds! She is?

2. Geronimo was a man, not just an adolescent's cry before doing something dumb brave. He was a member of this Southwestern tribe. What is it called?

3. He was the second president of the United States. He helped draft the constitution, but had naught to do with the ale. Who is he?

4. He inherited a brewery, but found his passion in the fight for Independence. Who is he?

5. Born in Ohio, on my birthday! He was the first to step foot (his left one) one the moon. Who is he?

Bonus! He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Who is he?

Now check how you did with the answers below. 
How did you do? 
Did you pass, fail, or do you wanna talk about it?

See you tomorrow, on the B side.

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(1. Susan B. Anthony; 2. Apache; 3. John Adams; 4. Samuel Adams; 5. Neil Armstrong; Bonus: Muhammad Ali)


  1. You are the first A to Z post I've seen this challenge! Yay!

    Okay, woman suffrage activist.... I'm drawing a blank, so I'll go with either Tuppere (tuppet??) or Sojourner, but it's a wash.

    Geronimo was Apache. I have Dine and Black Nation students right now, so I'm learning more than usual about the first nations.

    Second president... John Adams.

    Inherited a brewery, Uh, I mean I could look it up and cheat. Oh, I know, I'll guess. Was it Paul Revere? I didn't think so.

    Born in Ohio? Neil Armstrong.

    And floating like a butterfly is Mohammed Ali. Actually I believe the quote is from before he changed his name. But all the same.

    Wait, is tomorrows challenge going to be Britons? I mean, I might actually do well there. all my US history classes started in England and ended somewhere in the Atlantic (I'm going with academic hurricane).

    1. Yay! I'm first!

      Lucky you to be learning about Native culture. I read stuff on it but to be learning first hand is such a treat.

      The suffrage leader was Susan B Anthony; the brewer turned revolutionary was Sam Adams...which you're right, he was a Brit, but we will call him ours since he pushed the colonists to revolt.

      Impressed that you know when Ali said that...but he gets credit for the works of Cassius Clay too ;)

  2. I only got 4 and 5 correct but I don't know American heroes as good as the Australian ones. Nice work! Very clever. Cheers!

    1. I'll have to do a dudes and dudettes from down under...just to be fair to you!
      Two is good though...I probably wouldn't get any right on another country's history.

  3. I knew a few of them, but not all of them. Great post! I love trivia :)

    1. I love trivia too. I play a mean game of trivial pursuit. I have a wealth of useless knowledge.

  4. Well, I didn't pass with flying colors, but I did manage to squeak by.

    1. Yay!!! I need to come up with my boobie prize for passers like yourself :)

      (squeakers count!)

  5. I'll add to Rena's answer for the brewery--Samual Adams. Cool theme!

  6. I got Apache, Armstrong and Ali. (And I'm a Brit!) Er, I thought the brewery guy was Adnams... because there's an ale called that... though actually I think it's British. OK, never mind!

    1. You're absolutely correct NIck!!! It was Sam Adams. He was the heir of the beer fortune, squandered most of it...came to America and pushed colonists toward independence.

      You rock dude!

  7. I got five right! This is going to be a fun theme, Elizabeth.

    1. Totally learning the fun of trivia from the ninja master!

  8. I only knew Apache as I did cry Geronimo too when doing something brave (it's brave, right? hahaha)

    1. It's brave if you come out without an ER visit...otherwise, it's dumb.

  9. I know Neil Armstrong, but that's all... To be fair though, I am scoffing Easter egg at the same time, so I might not be fully engaged in the questions :-)

  10. Oh I love that you're doing quizes! How fun!
    Ok let's see ...
    1. Amelia somebody? lol just a guess
    2. Apache
    3. John Adams
    4. Sam Adams
    5. Armstrong or Aldren.. not sure
    6. Mohammad Ali of course. :)

    1. You are a genius! Got them all but #1...that's Susan B. Anthony

  11. I love your theme. I'm pretty sure I got most of these right.

  12. Hi Elizabeth,

    Can I get bonus points for commenting at gone three in the morning? Yes? No? Who am I? Aha, I like your theme. And starting with some amazing Americans, y'all. He really landed on the moon? It wasn't the Nevada desert? Oops...

    And thanks for making me realise you start with the letter "A" in the alphabet challenge. What was I thinking.

    Happy alphabeting, Elizabeth.

    Your starstruck fan,

    Gary :)

  13. i love "boobie" prizes!!! anthony, apache, adams, adams, armstrong, ali...

    me love you long time!

  14. Boobie prizes?! OMG! I want some. Wait, do I need boobies? hummmm . . .

    Hey, I actually got a few right plus the bonus, must be the brain juice I call coffee this morning. (:

  15. The bonus is obviously Ali, anyone who doesn't know that is either from a different millennial or has some other issue. Sorry I missed commenting on your first day. This prize idea is awesome.

  16. I could have answered these in March. Now, it's impossible. My brain is fried.


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