Mothers without Daughters

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I asked my peeps on facebook to help me out with a blog post. I got this...

From my niece Kari, "Having awesome nieces. Just sayin'."

This is true. I am blessed with wonderful nieces. When I was preggers for son #4 someone said to me, "I'm kinda happy you're having another have everything else and it doesn't seem fair that you have a daughter too."

But I was thinking,  "Bwa ha ha, jokes on you! I don't need no stinking daughters...I have nieces a plenty!!"
And here they are in no certain order...cause they are all AWESOME!

Elizabeth Molnar and her mom, my sister

My first niece was born when I was 10. I was an aunt all through junior high and high school...which I thought was pretty freaking cool.

She was named Elizabeth Heather. Nope that's not a coincidence.

Stacey Leichliter and Kari Dinardo (and that Wayne guy)

These are my other sister's kids, Stacey and Kari. That's Wayne Brady in the middle. I guess he's a wrestler? No, he's not one of the kids from the Brady Bunch as I first assumed when they texted me that THEY. GOT. A. PICTURE. WITH. WAYNE.BRADY.

These gals have lived a few blocks down...and pretty much in my house...since I moved to town twenty years ago.

Kari even let me be there when her son was born.

(Ignore Bart) Mackie, Tabitha, Taylor

These are my brother, Ken's, ladies. (Just pretend you don't see Bart over there or Alex down there..they're boys...but I ripped these photos from facebook and I couldn't find all the shots I needed!)

So, please pretend the B-O-Y-S are NOT there!

Alaina, Cassandra (ignore Alex)

Cassandra is the oldest of my brother, Ken's, daughters. Then there are the twins, Taylor and Tabitha, and Mackenzie.

And Cassie has a daughter, Alaina, which is my first GREAT niece.

Jessica Hartman


This is my other brother's daughter, the lovely Miss Jessica.

(That makes five of us in all...if you are siblings...Cathy, Lisa, Ken, and Dennis...guess I should give them some credit...they did raise great kids!)

Karly Allen

 Now for the Seckman side of the family!

This is Miss Karly Allen, who has the honor and pain of being the ONLY girl in the fam. This is my one niece who shares my love for pink. We live among men, we have to express our girly side!!

And the GRANDS...

You met Miss other great nieces, my sister Lisa's grand kids. This little cutie pie is Miss Norah. Kari, the chick hanging with the guy who's NOT from the Brady bunch, is her momma. I know. Adorable.

And here is her cousin, my nephew's daughter, Kaylee. She is an official princess...she has the crown to prove it!

Happy Friday the 13th...

And remember, don't get your post ideas from suggestions on facebook.
 Picture pasting is such a pain ;)


  1. Aww, so cool to "meet" some of your family! I was an aunt when I was 7!

    1. Isn't that the coolest Kyra? It always made me feel so mature. We were "titled" before we were even teens!

  2. Yay!!! I love it!!

    1. You better! The things I do for the people I love! You know how technology and I get along...and the positioning of pics on a blog counts as technology! :)

  3. Fun pics, and I have no daughters either! Two sons, and we're hoping baby number three is a girl, but we'll see! :D

    1. I hope you get your girl, but trust me, either will be happy! If I'd had a girl, I would have kept her. ;)

  4. Happy belated Friday the 13! I have no man and no kids, so I'm grand. Nice pics, and be happy with your sons, So many women in the world can't have kids at all.

    1. You're right, Sheena. God has that special plan for each of us. I never gave a moment's worry about having boys, they are each a gift from above and shouldn't be taken for granted.

  5. I've got two boys - but 2 nieces so my occasional need to buy something pink is acceptable! You have a great family. I bet you have fantastic holidays!

    1. We are lucky girls, aren't we? And holidays are great...the only downside is the price tag. :)


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