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Before I get to that baby eating, Victoria Secrets stalking crazy Oirish man's award...I have to say congrats to my friend, Jessie Andersen of J Anderson Books.

Yesterday she launched her first book, At What Cost with Astraea Press.

At What Cost is a YA book about a young girl struggling with every teens worst nightmare... pregnancy. 16-year-old Maggie Reynolds must choose between two unthinkable options: abortion or becoming a teen mom.

Jessie is an author, an editor, a jewelry designer, and the mother of three...she's multi-talented, and though I've yet to read all of At What Cost, with Jessie at the helm, I know it's going to be good!

Now, on to Mr. Koopmans's award.

Why, you ask, did he award a blogger like me an award after I called him names?**  Because they were all 100% true...go, read for yourself by clicking HERE and checking out his blog...it's named something like "Mark Brags about Living in Hawaii" or something like that.

                                          Without further adieu, the award.

Mark...cooking baby...you thought I was crazy, right?
Here's the rules...

1.  Name and thank the blogger.
2.  List seven facts about yourself.
3. Award five other bloggers this award

1. Thank you Mark. Good to see you like your babies well done. :)

2. Seven Facts about yourself:
~I hardly ever watch t.v. Not because I'm uber intellectual, but because I live with five men and I never get to hold the remote.
~I will never ride a motorcycles. Skin+ pavement % 60 miles mph= ouch. Which reminds me...
~I hate pain. I avoid it whenever possible. 
~I have no tattoos. It's that pain avoidance thing...
~I rarely make dinner on time. My kids are abused. Somebody take them from me. Please?
~I am a staunch advocate of getting rid of dressers and storing clothes in baskets.
~I dreamed of being a writer and running an animal shelter when I grew up...both dreams are coming true. Yay :) and Oy Vey :(    

Now to tag five bloggers...
Jessie at the Rabid Writer (she's not busy this week!)

** technically he awarded it before I started the name calling, but no take-backsies


  1. "I rarely make dinner on time. My kids are abused. Somebody take them from me. Please?" LMAO!

    The cover of Jessie's book is amazing.

    1. Kyra m kids were hassling me for food while I was writing the post...poor guys had to wait the 30 minutes it took me to write it to get their spaghetti and meatballs finished. I am a horrible mom!

    2. Thanks for the cover love! It is amazing and was done by Elaina Lee of For the Muse Designs! I was stoked when I saw it for the first time. :)

  2. Congratulations to Jessie AND you on your book birthdays! Can't wait to read them!!

    1. Thanks Chantele! I can't wait to read yours too. I think these first book moments are so exciting, whether my own or my friends. :)

    2. Thanks so much! According to Elizabeth's reply, you have a book too. Hmm, I'll have to look in to that.

  3. Totally agree about the motorcycle thing! I see people ride without helmets and I constantly think "Are you prepared for a TBI?" (Traumatic Brain Injury) Of course, that's how my grandfather died was from a brain injury after a motorcycle accident.... Aren't I just a barrel of sunshine! The interview was so funny! And congrats on dreams coming true!

    1. Thanks Lara!
      Barrels of sunshine aside, I witnessed a motorcycle wreck when I was in high school. Haunting. Absolutely haunting. Somebody else wants to ride them, fine...you'll never catch me on one unless there is a zombie attack and it's the only vehicle available for escape!

  4. Congrats to Jessie on her book release, and congrats to you on your award!

  5. Ha! This is awesome! Book sounds wonderful, and congrats on your book being released! WOW! How did I miss that? OH yeah, I haven't been blogging. GRRR!

    Love your answers to the tag. Funny about dressers and baskets! hahaha! That's a new one! Maybe I'll try it!

    1. As long as you know now...lol. Thanks Leigh!

    2. Hope you like it as much when you read it. ;)

  6. Thanks for the shout out, Elizabeth! You're the best.

    1. I'm up to chapter three. Loving it so far...so be watching for the review and interview questions.

  7. My fourth blog award!! And I see it on the day I'm going to post about blog awards (later today June 17). Definitely adding this gem. I love the cover for At What Cost. Maggie has a lot to think about. I'm taking your word for it that Jessie's work is great Lizzie.

    Oh and congrats on your own book Past Due. Happy for you!!


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