Oh No...She Didn't!!!

10:53 AM Elizabeth Seckman 8 Comments

Oh yes, she did!!

I have already made my confession on Facebook, but it bares repeating...

Saturday I had this idea that I would, in one day, finish the second edit of Past Due (due for release from World Castle Publication, date yet to be announced....just couldn't resist the plug and the SQUEEE!!!)

The problem? Reading a book that you wrote for the umpteenth hundredth time, your eyes start to cross. And crossed eyes are the least helpful things to have when you are combing for every mistaken comma, left out preposition, and misused word. In your mind, you know the next stop is the readers...and you don't want to make them feel like they wasted their money (now for the piraters? For them, you plant mistakes and curse them with viral versions of each and every stolen download!).

The solution to nodding off as I read through words that I nearly have memorized? Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

This was an excellent solution.


My nieces and nephew: Taylor, Mackenzie, Bart, and Tabitha

Well, I had my nephew's confirmation to go to. And well, when I am staring at a computer screen, time becomes this esoteric sort of concept...until you realize you still have an hour drive north and you're still in sweatpants!

Holy guacamole! The clock struck 3:45...fifteen minutes to dress and go. Hair, make up, skirt, shirt...boom...I'm THE MAN...well, not literally...but you get the gist, right.

I'm ready to go. But as I grab my purse, that pot of coffee says to me...you certain you can make the hour drive after we spent the whole day together?

Crap. I look at the clock. Then back at the bathroom. I can do this is 30 seconds...whammy...been there, done that...out the door...with my skirt tucked into my panties.

Best part is? As I get into my car and do the lady like skirt sweep and I feel nothing but bare leg and buns? My first thought? Thank God...I had nothing for my blog post for Tuesday.

And writers, you know what I'm saying...we are gluttons for punishment for the sake of others' fun.

Happy Tuesday!! Be back tomorrow for the Oh, Those High School Dances Blog Hop. Join me, should be fun!!


  1. LOL, hands down, best blog post ever!

  2. Hilarious! I can picture all the way through that. Great blog as always, Elizabeth :-)

    1. Thanks Ashley. See, I knew the humiliation would be worth it in the end. :)

  3. awesome...totaly an 'amber' moment! I can always count on you for some laughs :)

  4. lol I check several times to make sure that doesn't happen to me. I even surreptiously sweep my hand against my bum in the street to make sure there's a skirt there - or I glance in shop windows. In short, this is one of those irrational fears I have! I'm probably going to be even more paranoid now :-)

    1. If it makes you feel any better...I too had the same worry and would ALWAYS check before leaving the house...but now that I've faced it and survived? I feel stronger...and more committed than ever to check a mirror before I leave the house!


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