Deja Vu

10:50 AM Elizabeth Seckman 14 Comments

Today is my son's high school graduation.

Don't ask me where the time went...all I know is it has gone by too fast.

So, I'm not wasting any today...going to play hooky and leave you with a re-run.

Here it is...pasted fresh from the bloggy archives...enjoy...catch you later!

My husband posted last week that the blog needed to have less words (former freaking all star, can you tell?). I aim to please, so here’s what I think in a few less words.
1.       Always choose laughter.  If torn between  a tear jerker or a side splitter, call the doctor and tell him to schedule you for stitches (get it…side splitting?).  Life brings enough tears, why seek them out?

2.       Always be yourself…it’s good practice for when you get old and simply remembering where you are is difficult enough.

3.       Never make choices based on money. Nothing I can buy is eternal. In the long run…it’s all just yard sale fodder.

4.       Never mind read. Unless someone TELLS you what they think, you’re probably wrong.

5.       Err on the side of the positive. (For example, my husband for our first (marriedChristmas got me tires. Why? Because he wants me to always arrive home safely, not because he was a tight wad who parlayed a needed expenditure into a Christmas gift.)

6.       Put people first. People trump objects every time, in every situation, no exclusions.

7.       Stop beating up on your body, yourself, or your life.  We worry so much about our body beautiful that we forget to appreciate that our body is still doable (by that I mean in terms of locomotion...pervert)

8.       Do what you love, even if you aren’t  the best of the best.  Some things should be measured in pleasure factors, not success quotas.

9.        Don’t waste time on a hater. I tell my kids all the time, the easiest way to feel tall is to knock someone else over. And some people are so tiny, that’s all they have.

10.   Always remember, God built the universe with words…they have power, use them wisely.


  1. I love that my body is do-able, snicker :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks...see, the whole time I giggle and look spacey...the mind is working.

  3. I loved this the first time. Same is true now. Mind if I use it some day for a guest post on Therabidwriter?

  4. Glad you did a re-run! I missed it the first time.

  5. re #4. I'm actually a good mind-reader. Other people aren't - the number of times I've watched an arguement grow from infancy because the people concerned tried to mind-read and got it badly wrong... 'tis funny for me though :-)

    Doable! t'hehe!

    1. I consider myself a good mind reader too. And as a writer, whatever gaps I do find, I fill in with my own back story. Works great! But we're professionals...others shouldn't try this at home.

  6. Mine are 8 and 5, and I know the time will fly. Enjoy graduation :-)

  7. Happy Graduation young man! 8 and 10 are among the most essential in my opinion. Great Post!!

    1. I like 8 too. Every writer should heed this one. If writing is in your blood, just do it and enjoy without the worry of selling (worry about that after you do the editing process...but when you write...have fun!!)


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