I'm a Winner!

9:53 PM Elizabeth Seckman 5 Comments

Like participating in the "I'm Hearing Voices" blog fest wasn't fun enough, I just learned I am a winner! Yay me ! And thank you, Angie Cothran @ Live to Write...Edit When Necessary for being a freaking genius and recognizing my awesomeness.

Yes, I am bragging, cause I read the entries and they were good. I would hop from one blog to another with the sinking feeling of,  no wonder no agents are calling me, awesome comes a dime a dozen! So, yes, I am proud. The competitors were lean, mean, writing machines.

I also need to thank Cassie Mae @ Reading, Writing, and Loving It. She's a near genius...LOL...she gave me runner up...but she also gave my blog a once over then sent me tips for improvement. They were all dead on and I think the little old blog is far better for it.

The best part of the week long 'festival' was all the talented new friends I 'met'. I just know there are many future NY Times best sellers in training and one day,  I'm gonna brag to everyone I know that I knew them when...

Thanks guys!


  1. Congratulations!!! You so deserve it! But I agree with you...as I read everything I was like, holy crap. No wonder agents have such a hard time choosing. Lots of good work out there.

    Congrats again!

  2. Lol, me and Angie fought over you actually! (She was faster than I was, lol) Your entry was AWESOME! Congrats again. :)

  3. Congratulations! You totally deserved to win, I really enjoyed reading every one of your entries in the blogfest!

  4. WOOT! I am so happy for you! Your story did indeed KILL so I am humbled to lose to you.

    I bow to your unrivaled greatness!

  5. Thanks ladies!

    Now T.D., are you one of those guys who think flattery will get you everywhere? Well, you're right. If I could get you a signed contract, I would. Sorry I have no connections, but thanks for the high praise.


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