I Love LA

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What's not to love? My son is there. Every day was a sunny eighty degrees. And there was a beach. My husband and I flew out for a long weekend visit. We did a lot of sightseeing this time. We drove him out last year, so we didn't have much time to look around because we needed to get him settled in. And everything was closed because of Covid. This time the place was open and crazy busy. 

As a tourist, I took a lot of pictures. Full disclosure: I am NOT a good picture taker. Some people can snap a picture of a crack in the sidewalk and make it look beautiful. I can take a picture of a perfect sunset and it will be fuzzy. 

But still I take them. Profusely. And you're here and you're stuck, like the guy on the plane next to my husband. You have no choice. You're going to look at the travel photos. Bwa haha. 

Cole, a UCLA Bruin.
I always did call him Cole-E-Bear! 
It was like mother's intuition.

Why do I find this hilarious?
Because as the mother of four boys,
even the ones gainfully employed are still logged into my accounts! 
I'll never get hired as a paparazzi. 
The theater is all prepped for Will Smith's movie premiere of King Richard. 
My photo is fuzzy and I didn't have the patience to stick
around long enough for any stars to show up. 
The condo where Matthew Perry lives. 
No idea if he invites his Friends over. 
Beverly Hills is decorated for Christmas!
Presents were not filled with Cartier...so disappointing. 
Trees in Beverly Hills were all planted. None of them were natural in the area.
And because rich people love symmetry and perfection, the trees were planted in perfect pairs. 
The store where Pretty Woman was filmed getting tossed out for being poor. 
No, I didn't go in. Pretty sure I wouldn't have fit in in my Walmart flip flops and cut off shorts. 
Rodeo Drive. 
I tried to celebrity spot as we drove by, but the windows were too tinted. 
Hocus Pocus house. 
It's a fake. 
It was built on a sound stage and moved to an empty lot for sentimental purposes. 
Jason Statham's house. 
I was going to drop in for a visit, but my husband was with me. 
Just kidding. I'd never climb that hill. 
The Hollywood sign. 
The s=original sign was put up by a realtor selling house sites. 
It originally said Hollywood Land. 
When it came time to repair it,
Hugh Hefner threw a party at the Playboy Mansion and raised the money to fix it up.
Doesn't this flower look like a bird?
I thought so. Then I looked up the name, it's called Bird of Paradise 
Seems I wasn't the first person to think it. 
Theater in Westwood
Another theater. Across the street from the Fox theater.
Reminiscent of the Golden Age of Hollywood. 
Birds. The older I get, the more I like to watch them. 
But I don't yet hate squirrels. 
My handsome Cole. 
Dinner at Stalking Horse. 
Open air, three story mall. 
Almost every store I could imagine was there. 
All but Walmart. I never saw a Walmart in LA. 
Walmart must be a pleb thing. 
Oh look! Something I could afford.
I was so excited, but then my son reminded me there were probably still sky high taxes. 
Venice Beach. 
No. I didn't join the body builders or the skate boarders.
I know, you're shocked. I just wasn't feeling it. 
Another bird.
Come on, birds are cool. 


  1. You did see all the sights.
    Had that been Hugh Jackman's house, my wife would've climbed the hill.

    1. Your wife has good taste! I didn't see his house...if he has one in the states.

  2. Nice! It looks like a fabulous time.

    1. It was a lot of fun. There are positives to having kids who live in exciting places.

  3. I empathise with your photography skills - I'm exactly the same. My favourite feature on my phone is where I can make my horizon erm... horizontal, which I usually fail at. These photos are wonderful and give a great flavour of your trip.

    1. For me, taking pictures is like singing. I'm not overly good at it, but I enjoy doing it.

  4. You need to frame that last bird picture. Nice!


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