Love Is Blind

6:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 9 Comments

This post totally isn't going to work like I had planned. Blame Jack for not cooperating. 

My husband has adopted Jack as his dog. 
(Backstory reminder: Jack was my mother's dog. My husband and I got him from the pound after my dad died so Mom would have company. When she passed away, he came to live with us. And now, my husband is Jack's favorite human, which makes Jack Chad's favorite dog.) 

Since Jack is Chad's "baby", he takes care of him, including his hair cuts. Jack should be fluffy, but he has a cough the vet can't find any reason for, so it's possible that he suffers hairballs like a cat from licking his fur. To save him the aggravation of the cough, my husband keeps his hair short. And sometimes...he goes a little wild with the clippers. 
(This is where Jack wouldn't cooperate! He wouldn't "stay" and kept coming to me. I have a slew of fuzzy pictures that don't do his haircut justice.) 

This time around, he shaved the dog almost bald, though the pictures don't look so bad. Trust me, he looks a bit like a pink pot-bellied pig. 

But my husband thinks he is looking damn good...has this dog clipping thing down to a science.

Which leads me to the point of my post. 

Years ago, my dad was going through pictures of my mom he'd taken on a vacation. 
There was one of my then fifty-something mom in a bathing suit leaning against the railing of a boat. 
My dad was like, "Wow, look at your mom. You'd never guess she was fifty and had five kids." 
Umm, yeah I would have. 
(I'm not totally mean. I didn't SAY that. I only thought it.) 
At the age of 17, I didn't look at a picture of my mom in a swimsuit and think cover model. 
But my dad did. 
He framed it and put it on the nightstand by his bed. 

I remember thinking, so that's what they mean by love being blind... 

After my husband went all giddy over how good he made Jack look with his new doggy hair do, I had that same thought. That and never trust my husband when he says my hair looks pretty. 

The cat sees it. That is a cat face of pure fear. 
He will stay a moment on his blanket in 
his favorite spot in the kitchen...
by the stove where food is prepped and spilled. 


  1. My wife still thinks I look great, so love is indeed blind.
    That poor dog.

  2. The poor cat is probably terrified that he is next!

  3. haha blind indeed. The cat better head for the hills, doesn't want to be next.

    1. It would be a cold day before the cat would tolerate a haircut. She doesn't even allow petting unless she's in the mood.

  4. Awww poor puppy! I had to think of my husband when you related your Dad's story. I'm lucky my husband still likes my body after all these years of marriage!

    1. Maybe as women, we're just too hard on ourselves and each other. Maybe men are the wise ones.

  5. LOL The expression on the cat's face is priceless!


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