Good Evening, Morning Glory

6:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 12 Comments

I was out for a walk the other evening and found this morning glory growing from a crack in the sidewalk. A lone flower growing in the concrete path's divide. 
That alone caught my attention. 
But it was also that it wasn't just any flower- it was a morning glory. I have a history with morning glories. 
They refuse to grow for me. 
My brother could grow them. 
Year after year, his back porch was shaded in delicate, sweet smelling flowers. I tried to grow them and the best I ever got was a few vapid, wilting vines.
My brother passed away ten years ago. I miss him and his envy-causing morning glories. So, when I saw this flower, it made me think of him. It was like he was sending me a hug from Heaven. Reminding me that beauty is everywhere and life is indomitable. 
And that I'm still a failure at growing morning glories. 
That's just like my big brother...hugging and taunting at the same time.

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It's the final days of all of  my boys being home. Boy #1, Caleb, heads back to New York on Sunday. We have a lot of fun planned for the last few days, so there is that to look forward to! 

Flip My Heart is getting the thumb's up from beta readers (thanks Jo and Susan!). There are still some snags and a few chapters that I swear, will NOT delete. I delete and they come right back. It's the oddest thing...

My niece is getting married and I get to help plan. My sister-in-law has always been the most gracious about sharing the fun stuff with me. She knows living in a house full of men, I don't often get to dress shop or do fun things like peruse Pinterest for girly fun things. It's a refreshing change from Superbowl party planning. LOL


  1. Happy to know about the morning glory! Morning glory has a beautiful and bright colors to attract all:)

  2. What a special sign. Yes, that was a teasing hug.
    Enjoy the final days with your boys.

  3. I definitely believe it was a gift from above!! I also lost my brother 10 years ago, and some days I still think of calling him....Enjoy those boys!

  4. I love, love, love your story about the morning glory. From start to finish, it's perfect in every way. And yep... that's just like a brother.

    It's very cool that your sister-in-law lets you share in some of the girly stuff with her daughter. Have fun! And have a very Happy Mother's Day.

  5. Have fun with the planning!

    I have morning glories in my yard, but they weren't planted there and aren't a welcome addition to the grass. If they stayed put in a decorative sense, then I might not be so opposed to them.

  6. What a lovely flower! And how wonderful is your sister-in-law to let you in on the girlie stuff. I'll probably miss out too, but judging by the way my sister and I shopped for our wedding and bridesmaids dresses that's not a bad thing!

  7. A tease from above indeed.

    Enjoy the way too expensive girlie stuff haha

  8. I love that burst of colour... it just pops!
    Have fun helping your sister with the planning, and enjoy all the special girlie moments!
    Writer In Transit

  9. Love the morning glory and the story. In North Carolina I could never grow hydrangeas or peonies. Everyone else all around me could grow them, but not me. Very disappointing. Have fun with your boys for the last few days. Then have fun doing the girly things.

  10. Beautiful but tough, those flowers, making it through the concrete. Hope you had lots of fun with the boys.

  11. May you find Morning Glories wherever you go:) There's always someone watching over all of us:)


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