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L is for so many lovely things. Like Love. Lasagna. And Lasagna Loving critter.



This is NOT my cat. My cat never walks on the counters. The idea of the cat walking across the litter box and then the food prep area is more than my OCD husband can tolerate.

Best way to train kitty to stay down? Water gun. I only had to spray mine a few times and she decided the counter wasn't a friendly spot.

Now, for that lasagna...

To make lasagna easier to prepare, I use the no boil noodles. The secret to making them taste good instead of gummy is to go heavy on the sauce.

Lazy Lasagna:

*Spray bottom of pan with oil.
*Pour a thick layer of meatless sauce (Ragu is easy!) on the bottom.
*Add first layer of noodles.
*Next, add a layer of cheese sauce (Package of Ricotta cheese mixed with 2 eggs, salt and pepper)
*Add some meat sauce (Ragu mixed with burger).
*Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese.
*Another layer of noodles.
*More meat sauce.
*Bake about an hour in the oven at 350 degrees.
*Remove from oven, spread on some more mozzarella, allow it to melt while cooling.

Lasagna Lover...I had this poster on my wall as a teen. It gets truer every year!!

photo credit: success via photopin (license)


  1. Cat down! And water bottle the perfect solution.

  2. Lasagna is a New Years tradition for us. Because Lasagna! :)

  3. You lasagna recipe sounds yummy. Love the image of the old couple!

  4. Water gun - funny stuff! I love lasagna! I love love... and Garfield will always be a mentor of sorts. Great 'L' day for you!

  5. Water gun is very effective in dog training as well. Lasagna, yum! You can do the same thing with the regular noodles; just put it together the night before and let it set (covered) in the refrigerator overnight.

  6. lol I tried that on the cat but he just sat there and tried to drink the water as I shot him.

  7. Funny I have only made lasagna once in my life. I enjoy it when other people make it (unless it's chicken liver lasagna) but it's just not something we are big on.

  8. Awww ... that poster is sweet. I have a recipe for easy Lasagna that I really should revisit. It has mild salsa and self-cooking noodles.

  9. I would totally swipe that cat too for the same reason! You, me, and a plate of lasagna. Score! Now THAT is love.

  10. My kitties are Outdoor Cats (as any attempt to turn them into Indoor Cats results in impressions of Mission Impossible around the doors) and have a work surface to themselves to keep their food out of the way of snuffling dogs--but they know that only THAT one is their counter and they're not allowed on any other. They only chance their luck very rarely. *lol* I suspect if I sprayed them with water they'd only enjoy it...

    That lasagne sounds absolutely delicious. I'm going to have to start printing these out.

  11. Oh the cat looking so eagerly at the lasagna! It must be smelling awesome. :-)


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