Gosh Golly Gee...IWSG is 3!

12:00 AM Elizabeth Seckman 39 Comments

Happy #3 IWSG!!
Who'd have guessed we've been commiserating as a group for a whole three years!

Thanks to the Ninja Master,  Alex Cavanaugh for getting us all together. And thanks to this month's helper ninjas:

 My Baffling Brain, Mark Koopmans, Shah Wharton, and Sheena-Kay Graham.
* No Mr. Koopmans, you cannot keep the ninja suit. Put on your grass skirt, your coconut bra, and behave!

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Now. Let's talk insecurity.

Ever get the feeling it will never get any better?

I keep thinking...next week I will be better organized, less busy.

Then next week comes and I'm just as busy, and I think...next week.

That will be the better week.

But weeks come and go, and I am always just as scattered as the one before it.

So, I ask you...when does it become easy? When will I think- I've got this?

Thanks in advance for the pick me up and/or commiseration.

Now for some news and reminders:

Healing Summer has a new cover...it's on its 3rd. Coincidence that it falls on the ISWG #3?
It's also on sale. 
Marked down from 3.99 to .99...knocked off 3 dollars just for the IWSG #3, right?
No. Not really. But it is on sale. And you can get your copy HERE!

Don't forget!!

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And now through October 6th you can post your picture of your shelfie.

This is my dream shelfie. My hubs doesn't share my vision. I see a work of art; a thing of beauty. He sees a whole weekend of work.

I'll post my real my real shelfie later.
(I need more time to dust it!)

All you have to do is post a shelfie and you can add your name to the Rafflecopter for a prize package worth, um, well, it's less than a million and more than nothing!
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  1. Hi, Elizabeth...

    YES... I know EXACTLY how you feel. I'd like to know myself. But tackling one task at a time will help. Don't LOOK at the WHOLE picture. Concentrate on just a part of it. Then the puzzle will become complete and you'll be left with a masterpiece!

    How fun... I like the shelfie idea... sounds like a really fun bloghop..

    Has it been THREE years already? Wasn't it like yesterday we were celebrating the second year? Where did twelve months go. They just have slid into Lake Michigan and disappeared. lol

  2. "Put on your grass skirt, your coconut bra, and behave!" LOL

    Sorry, I'm no help on the busy thing. I'm constantly drowning...

  3. no worries, once football is over, life can go back to crazy rather then cray cray. okay, that was just hopeful talk. LOL

  4. Oh, I definitely love your dream shelfie! If only my hubs had this vision for my bookshelves...sigh...

  5. [Hitches grass skirt and adjusts bra to avoid side man-boob view]

    Hey Twinny... well you know I've got nothing intelligence to say, except it is sweet to hear you're not going to swing the axe at me :)

    PS... If you're going to wait until next week to dust the shelfie (cute name/concept) you may want to pledge extra money to buy a case of Pledge...

    #JustSaying :)

    PS... Best wishes for Healing Summer :)

  6. Downloaded your book! Hope it makes it to #1 to celebrate 3 years of insecurities together . . . maybe then you'd feel like you had it all together? Truth is, I don't know if writers ever feel that way. We're a funny bunch and way toooo hard on ourselves.

  7. Develop OCD it works fine for me haha but yeah there is always something to do, just have to do it when we can

  8. Some weeks seem to fly by, others seem to drag. Some weeks I feel productive and creative. Others...not so much. Hang in there! Just do what you can do.

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  9. I feel scattered, too. I don't know if I feel better or worse knowing that it is a common problem. Or a mutual one. Whatever.

    Your ideal shelfie is a book lover's dream. Once upon a time I had that many books. I donated most of them to the library. I just didn't have room for them:(

  10. Are you reading my mind today? Cause that is just how I'm feeling right now. Overwhelmed with my girls schedules, as well as my own time constraints and lack of organization and wishing for something to hold it all together.

  11. I relate. Sometimes, I just want to scream, "Give me some time!" But life doesn't listen, and work/kids/family keep on eating up time. I wish you sanity and a moment of peace to catch up with life!

  12. I wouldn't even know where to begin building those shelves...
    Maybe scatterbrained is how you function best?

  13. I've given up on ever being organized. Congratulations on three years of ISWG, everyone!

  14. Organized? What is that? Seriously, I try to use my time away from the keyboard doing odd jobs around the house not only to keep it from running away from me, but to clear my mind a bit before I go back at the story. "They" say, you should take a break every hour or so, but I never do. So if I know I have laundry, or dishes, or whatever, I try and do those when I remember life away from the computer. Don't know that that helps, but, it does serve two purposes!

  15. Pardon me while I stop laughing. Thanks to you, I spit La Croix all over my screen. Again. :P

    I can TOTALLY relate. I FINALLY got the kids back in school, and I've written a total of 10 words. 10. :/ I keep thinking I'll set aside a day to write, and life keeps adding (important) things to my to-do list. Grrrr. Maybe tomorrow...

    IWSG #179 until Alex culls the list again.

  16. Trust me your shelf can't be worse than mine. Ha! Cool anniversary photo Liz you are truly hilarious. Insecurities come and go, you just need to keep on trucking. That dream self looks amazing.
    IWSG Co-Host

  17. A full-room bookshelf? I like that Idea.

    I tell myself it will never get easier, but that "I can do this." It seems to work. :)

  18. I hear ya. The fact that IWSG turned 3 sort of illustrates this well. I feel like I'm in the same place I was then.

  19. I would LOVE to have a bookshelf like that. I would be in that room 24/7. ;) It seems that writers are always busy. First, with real life. And then always with writing, editing and promoting. It's never-ending! I hope you can sort things out soon enough. :)

  20. 3rd cover? Okay...

    I totally get what you're saying about the crazy and waiting for it to recede. It won't. =) The only way I've found to combat it is by writing everything down on a calendar and working through one day at a time. (Pregnancy brain is seriously messing with the system though.)

    I will TOTALLY take a shelf like that. Heck yeah! One day, I'm going to have a library in my house. Yes, a library--when I'm rich and retired. LOL.

  21. I hope I don't bum you by saying, I don't think it ever happens... that you think, "I've got this". It seems to keep getting busier. I schedule things and I'm really strict. My friends complained in August, because I wouldn't come out. I never do when a book is in the final stages. Lately, I've been thinking I need an indoor hobby. I got rid of them all, because I write more if I'm bored...

    Nice shelves. Yeah, I need to dust or something, too.

  22. I've given up on the idea that the insecurities will ever go away. I'm just hoping that I'll get better at handling them after a while.

  23. And yet you seem to handle everything in your life so well. You are an amazing mom, a productive writer and a great friend. I think you only have to work on not feeling the world is on your shoulders. Take it easy, girl. Dragon hugs!

  24. Oh, life is supposed to get calm and quiet at one point??? I gave up years ago ;)

  25. Wow, my inner-OCD is cringing at that shelf space. I would have to take your hubby's side on this one, sorry :P

    As to when does it get easy, the answer is simple.

    It doesn't.....you just get better and handling it :)

  26. That Mark! He took off his coconut bra? Where's the loyalty? Does he not care about his reputation as a sexy Hawaiin dancer?

    I dream of your dream shelfie. We'll camp out there for hours, days, months, years...with plenty of mai tais and chocolate.

  27. I wish I knew when it became easy. We should all make a pact - whoever figures it out has to share. I am always thinking next week....

    Absolutely love the birthday lizard LOL. And the new cover is wonderful - congrats!

  28. ... and when you discover that answer, be sure to let us know, pretty please?
    ...that shelfie is pure bliss!
    Happy IWSG Day!

  29. I don't think it ever becomes easy, but possibly more manageable? (I'm typing this from the midst of chaos... ) Love the shelf photo! :)

  30. It gets easy when you can afford staff to cook, clean and chauffeur for you. Until then, just write down your to-do list of separate cards, throw them up in the air and the one you catch is the one you do :-)

  31. Like your idea of a room full of bookshelves!

  32. When you figure out how to not be too busy and get organized, let me know how you did it. I love your shelfie! :)

  33. I'm in the same boat, Elizabeth. I keep thinking I'll have more time . . . eventually. And I have no idea why I think this. Lol. Maybe some day it'll be true?

  34. E-Seck, I'm hugging you. That is all. :) :) :)

  35. You know, I hate to say it, but I suspect the reason things are always crazy--at least for me--is that there is a linking factor: ME! I'm the one never organized, and I doubt I'm ever going to get it all together. I was looking at my desk the other day, and I realized, I only clean it when I intend to use it for a kid painting surface! Ha! if I could give it a tenth of that attention every week, I'd have it covered. but I'm the center of my chaos, and I'm not interested in clean desks.


    As for the insecurities. I went from "OMG what if my book is never published" to "OMG what if enough people don't buy it and my whole writing career tanks on my first book???" in the seconds it took me to realize what the offer email said. So yeah, there's never no insecurity, you just get issued a new set at each step along the way.

  36. Hello fellow IWSG peeps. In response to your post I should share that I just started using a portable calendar! Go me. I even use it to check in on my commitments about every other day. ;) Calendars give you a nice feeling because you can see what you have to do all written out and positioned correctly. The challenge is to actually do what you're supposed to and not simply change the date.

  37. Wait, it's supposed to get easier? Well, WHEN? I'd like it to get a little easier or less busy too.

  38. Hmm, does it get easier? I've been told it does...If you figure out how to balance it all, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! :)

    I love that your book is on its 3rd cover. Third times the charm, right?

  39. I love your dream shelfie and the new cover of your book is great.

    It's never easy. Once one thing is submitted, I have other projects to juggle.


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