"Got Green?"

12:22 PM Elizabeth Seckman 13 Comments

No I haven't changed me red, white, and blue stripes, but I am a' blog 'o'hopping!

You'd hop too, cause the winners get a free trip to Hawaii. And Mick at Aloha! Mark Koopmans Says Hi from HI is paying for it!

Poor Mick is sweating now! Cause I just passed on an internet myth as fact. Melissa Sugar started it. Sue her! Or maybe not, her being a lawyer and all.

Okay, so this blog o'hop is supposed to be a post about St. Paddy's (the actual oirish spelling...see Mick, I'm learning) Day. Problem is...I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies* or the traditions of St. Paddy's Day.

Truth be told, "Erin Go Bragh" might as well be a new boulder holder designed to keep the girls perky.

I understand from Mick, straight from the Emerald Isle himself, that most of the holiday customs we enjoy here in America are American creations.

 But hey, we are the capitalist...we KNOW how to make a party a PAAARRRTTTTAAAYYY!

Seems one of the only truly Oirish immigrants is the cereal making leprechaun (Oh, what Mick? You say you were just joking about that? Why would you joke about that Mick? I really thought the 'magically delicious' slogan was more than just marketing gimmick. Nothing is sacred anymore!)

So, here's the straight truth. I celebrate this holiday the same way year after year...
I forget to wear green.
I plan to wear green.
 But then I always forget.
Then I'm forced to lie...me undies are green!
Just to protect Me Lucky Charms from pinches!

This post rocked the Blarney Rock, Mick**, what did I win?

*a little "Gone with the Wind" quote...the only real Irish thing I know
**his real name is Mark Koopmans, but feel free to call him Chuck.


  1. If I haven't said this before, I adore your blog! This post made me laugh out loud, and I love that you joined in with this hop even though you don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day! <3

  2. I forget to wear green too. I didn't sign up for the blogfest because I couldn't think of a thing to write about. Besides LOVING potatoes and being related to the Campbells (most of whom are Scottish born), I got nothing. I didn't even inherit my mother's red hair!

    1. I am gifted Emily. Even when I have nothing to say, I find something to blab about.

  3. Love the blog. Haven't read enough of them lately. I thought you were Irish, with that gorgeous strawberry blonde hair of yours. <3 Rita <3

    1. Nope Rita. Got English, German, and French in this mutt...no Irish. (and the hair is compliments of Miss Clairol) <3 back at ya!

    2. Nope Rita, I've got English, German, and French in this mutt, but no Irish! (and the hair color comes from Miss Clairol) <3 back at ya!

  4. LOL. I plan to drop in on Mick when I get a chance. ;0)

    I forgot last year for my son and the poor thing got pinched all day.

  5. HAHA. This is great. I always do the undies are green thing :)

    1. It's not a fail safe method, but it's better than nothing. :)

  6. TOO FUNNY... and how did I miss this last weekend????

    Chuck, Mick and SIGGY... I have no idea what to call myself anymore :)

    PS... heading off to buy my wife one of those Erin Ga Bragh things.... (*classic!!*)

    Thanks for O'hopping, even if I suck at making it to every blog:)

    You win an honorary box of Lucky Charms. Have your little people contact my little people:)

  7. You missed me?! Oh, probably because I didn't do the link right...or sign up right. I'm no techno wizard.
    But I'm glad you stopped by, glad your wife will be getting her Erin Go Bragh...I think she'll like it!

    And don't worry about me Lucky Charms. Just having you recognize me brilliance is all I really wanted. ;)


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