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Living in a house of men with all their grid iron expertise hasn’t influenced my team picking strategy one bit. My system remains the same as it was since I was a much skinnier 16.

#1 First and Foremost: STEELERS
I always go Black and Gold…even when Big Ben alleged of rape and acts like a big baby on the field Roethlisberger leads them.  

#2 Likability Factor
Got a lovable player?  The whole team benefits.
Maurkice Pouncey~ LOVE him…took the time to sign a hat and jersey for my baby…you’re in my prayers cutie!
Troy Palamalu ~ He hits hard… and has loveliest locks in the bizness
Hines Ward~ What a smile…I believe it even has its own fan page, and if it doesn’t, it should.

*Noticed these are all Steelers? Well, that’s because they are always the best pick if you are putting money on a game. But what happens *ouch* when they get eliminated? Have faith there are other lovable guys on the field...
Tim Tebow~   You haven’t escaped my attention, or the attention of the world for that matter. Got the kahunas to wear your faith on your sleeve without worrying about the naysayers and the haters? You are THE MAN.
Drew Breeze~  He thanked God as he snuggled his baby boy on the  post Super Bowl XLIV stage. ..Who Dat?  Dat’s a MAN.
Okay, Okay….so far my system has left me without a single team for this year’s run to the Super Bowl. So what’s left in the process?

#3 Unlikability Factor
Any team playing against Tom Brady, the mechanically perfect, despicably human quarterback of the Patriots, gets my game day loyalty. You see Tom, I haven’t forgotten how you knocked up one chick then dated another before the baby was even born. My teen age boys might say you’re just a player who knows how to throw balls on and off the field, but I’m not impressed. You sir, are as loathsome to me as Tebow is to the anti-Christ.
*Now the Patriots seem to be on a hot streak and I fully predict I will be rooting against them in the Super Bowl. But let’s say they do get eliminated…and I get to choose between, say, the Giants and the Ravens? I will use the final standard…

#4 Prettiest Uniform
My son with his Pouncey fan gear.
The hottest team on game day gets my vote.

(And to think my boys say chicks are ruining football…pah!)


  1. That's about as scientific as my reason for LIKING Tom Brady. He shares a name with one of my all time favorite people. lol

  2. You see I once knew this girl who was preggers and the baby daddy took some twit to prom while this poor girl had to sit at home and incubate baby. I get such a personal dislike for people...then all who remind me of people...when you hurt someone who means a lot to me. So yeah, it's a real personal bias.

  3. Lol I knew you were gonna say that


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