What's Your Theme Song?

10:40 AM Elizabeth Seckman 2 Comments

Who didn't love those buns? Okay, what girl who wore a bra during the 80's didn't love those buns? I loved those buns enough to buy the album (for home), the cassette (for cruising), and the poster (for ogling).

Oh, I know it wasn't just the buns. That entire shot was marketing perfection. The slightly worn pocket, the hat, the flag...oh be still eager, little, anxious heart that yearned to conquer the world and coif hair tall enough to shadow small buildings.

Ahh...good times. Good times.

This morning as I dropped the kids off at school, I listened to the old forgotten radio and "Dancing in the Dark" came on.   My once very most favorite song in the whole wide world, chosen when I was still young  enough to believe choosing a THEME song was like, OMG, a necessity.  It was my self selected musical mantra, the song that would play in the background as I moved through life...the song that once inspired me...that I knew would one day remind me of the energy of my youth.

It was my "play it way too loud, pick me up"... and when I heard it this morning? It sparked the old brain and sent my motivation a tiny surge of energy. I guess all that hairspray didn't overly hinder my thinking after all.

Songs do that. They spark memories and with them the feelings and the mood of the moment. There are so many songs that take me somewhere...from the melodies of love songs to the horrific lyrics of the uh, music (Little Wayne, really? I have to have a memory attachment to Little Wayne? Whatever...) of my ornery teens... they all bring me back to somewhere, sometime more powerfully than a photo.

So, what's your theme song? And if you don't have one...get one. Maybe St. Peter puts together a "This is your Life" montage before entry into the Pearly Gates...you never know...it could happen.

I pasted a link to mine below. It was chosen when I was naive enough to think Courtney Cox just got lucky to get on stage. Pity that I now understand she was a plant...

"Dancing in the Dark"...thank you Bruce. :)



  1. Haha. YES. That bummed me too, when I found out about Courtney being a paid actress. SIGH...

    Hmm. My theme song. I think it would be this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfdLhcAf9zA

    And it's a love song between me and my muse. Heh.

  2. That's a good one Anita. Nothing like the techno beat of the 80's to keep the spirit alive!


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