Coupon Bug...

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Coupon Bug…
Addiction is sometimes a normal ‘ish’ behavior taken to frightening extremes. For example…working out vs. steroid injection. Physical fitness- good;  roid rage- bad. And often it’s times of hardship and stress that set typical reactions off past normal and into a 12 step program.
This is my story…
For me, it all started with the sky rocketing costs of just about everything and the fear that my family’s food budget was going to send us into bankruptcy*. With milk at $3.86 a gallon? Could we keep the house and feed the kids?**
Then a friend said to me, “Look at all the groceries I got for $50.00 just by couponing!”
The wheels turned. I thought back to my glory days as a newlywed and my grocery budget was $15 a week. I knew those days were long gone, but I thought, maybe, just maybe, I could get this budget under $200. I did it! Then I wanted it under $180, then $150…then the next thing I know I’m out trolling gas stations in my PJ’s at 1:00 am Monday morning buying up extra Sunday papers. And I admit, with a whole lotta shame, I once even scouted the ER for papers abandoned during tragedy just for the magical cents off little rectangles.

I could pretend this behavior was normal, but I can’t deny…my new addiction is scaring my kids. I overheard one whisper to another, “Did Dad get fired? There’s Captain Crunch in the cupboard.”
“Are you sure it’s not Admiral Crunch?”
“No, look for yourself. It’s the real thing. Do you think mom got food stamps?”
Now, I have to ask myself…have I been fair to them? Fair to a group of boys who have been raised from toddlerhood to expect ‘like Fruit Loops’ and ‘just as good as Cocoa Puffs’? Are they prepared to suddenly be faced with the real thing?
I just don’t know…I will have to think on it…but not today…it’s Monday, time to organize my Sunday cache and execute The List.

*a bit of exaggeration, but go with it, it’s funnier this way
**once again, an exaggeration, please mother, don’t be frightened

Additional Note: Let's be honest, everyone hates to be in line behind a couponer...even myself. So, if you are going to pick up the bug, remember these few courtesy rules.
~ Shop at off hours when the stores aren't busy (Best time: mornings are quiet and shelves are well stocked)
~ Do all your price matches first, group like items and make a list of stores and prices and offer the coupons that match.
~ After the price matches, check out the rest of your coupon items. This makes it a whole lot less confusing if a coupon doesn't scan and you need to prove you bought the item. 


  1. I've never been patient enough to be a couponer, but now I'm starting to think I really should!

  2. It does take patience and planning. I often ask myself if the savings is worth the hassle, another reason I think it's more addiction than logic. :)

  3. First of all, I SO NEED to be a coupon caddy, but I just don't have the patience for it. LOL. Also, where the heck did you find Cap'n Crunch??? It was my FAVE cereal growing up and I can't ever find it now. That and Boo-berry. You know, the ghostly equivalant to Count Chocula? Man. Those were the BEST cereals ever. ;) Thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)

  4. You can't get Captain Crunch? It's always on the shelves here. I could ship you a box...


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