Happy Veterans Day

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Tomorrow is Veterans Day. The time for people in the US to pause a moment and appreciate those who served in the armed forces. Our protectors of freedom. Defenders of democracy.  My baby, Boy #3, enlisted in the Army in September -on his way to being a veteran one day. 

Right now, he's still in boot camp. It took him a while to get there. There was a hold-up in reception (where soldiers are processed) and he spent three weeks idling away waiting to get shipped out to basic. So, it's been about seven weeks since he's been able to watch a tv, play on his phone, or take a leisurely shower. And that's tiny potatoes compared to what these folks sacrifice. 

I've always admired our military. Many in my family served, so many in fact that I am always a bit hesitant to start listing them because I will assuredly forget someone. In my immediate family, my big brothers served. One retired from the Army. One served in the Navy. My sister served in the Navy. My brother-in-law served in the Air Force. 

Currently, my nephew is in the Coast Guard and my son (that handsome fella I started the post about) is in the Army.  

So, I understand the sacrifice. When my son talked of signing up, I made him talk to his uncle, who retired from the Army, to be sure he understood implicitly that joining the military was NOT like heading off to college. Those who volunteer willingly give up their own freedom and their own comfort so we can completely take for granted how blessed we are. 

For those who served, thank you from the bottom of my very grateful heart. 

My baby before shipping out. He still had hair and cake to eat. 

My baby without hair or cake 

Speaking of treats, I have a funny story Carter shared. In his first week at reception, he learned first-hand the right way, wrong way, Army way mentality. He said the mess hall had a table piled high with delicious cookies, so of course he ate them. After eating, the drill sergeant made every "fat ass" who ate the cookies do extra push-ups. I asked Carter if he was refraining from eating cookies now and he said, "Oh, your boy is still scarfing cookies. Some things are worth getting smoked for." 
Ahh, he is his mother's child! 


  1. If he can do the push-ups, he can have the cookies.
    As a military brat, I've seen first-hand the sacrifices made.

    1. He gets his push up ability from his dad. lol. If I had to do push ups for cookies, I'd be skinny.

  2. A huge thank you to your son for his service. And regarding the cookies, he is his momma's boy:)

    1. Military folks are my heroes. We can never praise them enough.

  3. The only way I'd manage is if the plate of cookies was under my face while I did the push ups. Up, down, eat a cookie. Up, down, eat a cookie. That's my kind of exercise. :)

    Thank you to all who served/serve! Happy Veteran's Day!

  4. Basic training is a tough time for these young people. My mother spoke of how homesick my brother was when he went. (pssst--it's Veterans Day. No apostrophe. A lesson a friendly blogger taught me several years ago.)

    Janie, who would join you with the cookies

    1. So far, my son hasn't gotten homesick. That's been a real blessing.

      Thanks for the grammar tip. I will remember it always!

  5. Thank you to your son and all servicemen. I have so much respect for them. Happy Veteran's Day.

  6. Go Army! Congrats!
    Where did he do boot camp? what is his specialty? where will he go next? If he ends up in Ft Bragg, I will tell my son about him. My army guy just made Sergeant and is in Paramedic School. He’s also ENGAGED! He’s my crazy guy and he’s loving life.

    Hope all your boys are doing well - and you & hubs too!

    Tara Tyler Talks

    1. He is at Ft. Benning right now. I think he goes to Ft. Bragg next (I think!). His goal is to be a Green Beret. I don't know if that counts as a specialty or not.

      My brother was a paramedic!!! That's such an awesome job. Those who do it are like heroes with angel wings.

      My oldest son just got married! Yay, we get daughters!

  7. Eeep! Congrats! He looks happy! He made me laugh with his cookie love and working hard for them. Haha!

    ♥.•*¨Elizabeth Mueller¨*•.♥

    1. He is a bot deranged. He enjoys working out. He did not get that from his mother. LOL


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