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As writers and bloggers, we help each other. Beverly is launching her book in the midst of a pandemic, so hitting the road to promote is impossible. She'll just have to do it online only. But that's all right, she has friends ready to help!

Gabe’s Guardian Angel

By Beverly Stowe McClure

Gabe never asked for an angel…

Gabe Montana’s clumsy. He’s overweight, and he’s dyslexic. Worse yet, the bullies make his fifteen-year-old life even more miserable—so miserable he wants to die.

Charley, his guardian angel, says no to that idea, and comes up with a different plan. He’ll give Gabe self-confidence so he can solve his problems, not run away from them. But Gabe wonders why the angel doesn’t just help with the bullies. What’s with this self-confidence stuff?

Can Charley help Gabe stand on his own two feet? Will Gabe give up hope life can improve for him? Or will he finally listen to the angel’s advice?

Young Adult Fiction: Boys & Men / Loners & Outcasts / Bullying
Print ISBN 9781939844668 $15.95
EBook ISBN 9781939844675 $4.99

“An important read for young adults and their families.” - Donna McDine, multi-award winning author of stories for children

“It takes a tough subject and handles it in a positive, uplifting way. A must read for teens and tweens.” – Sandra Cox, author

“Gabe’s Guardian Angel is a good read for any youngster who has ever felt isolated and bullied.”– L.G. Keltner, author

Most of the time, you’ll find Beverly Stowe McClure at her computer, typing stories young voices whisper in her ears. When she’s not writing, she’s snapping pictures of wildlife, flowers and clouds. She’s sometimes known as the “Bug Lady.” She’s not telling why.
Buy it on: Barnes & Noble / Amazon / iTunes / Kobo /  Goodreads

I think it was Rahm Emanuel who said to never let a disaster go to waste, so in that vein of thinking, I'm raising the cost of my new release to 10x's it's asking price. If you need a 5 star read to hunker down with, I've got a book for you...

During this crisis you can get About Us for 0 dollars. (Get it ten times 0 is still 0? Still got to smile at horrible jokes, people...even in the worst of times.)

Free on Amazon / Free on Kobo / Free on Smashwords

Already have it? 
Chiristine Rains is offering more freebies! I've already read most of these, so I can honestly say, these are highly recommended. Christine is a talented story teller! 

A fledgling vampire wakes in a funeral home run by demons.
Of Blood and Sorrow (Book #1)

Shifter vs. shifter.
Dark Dawning (Totem #1)

Not only the dead whisper upon the wind.
Silent Whispers (Totem #2)

Gremlins have never been more terrifying.
Cloak of Snow (Totem #3)

More woo than boo. The Paramours - ghost hunting with a kiss.
Ghost Dancer (Book #1)

When love is more difficult than finding Bigfoot.
Big Yearning (Book #1)

Sexy cosplay and naughty games. Roll for initiative!
Loose Corset (Book #1)

And since laughter is good medicine and I pushed my luck with the bad joke, here's a smile for your day...


  1. Congratulations to Beverly!
    Like the funny.

  2. Thank you for spreading the news about Beverly's book.

  3. Grats to Beverly!

    I wish I was a bored reader. Alas, there's too much needing my attention thanks to the kids being out of school.

    1. There are upsides to having grown children. If it helps, the time flies. Or as my sister in law used to say- the days pass like months and the years fly by like hours.

  4. Free times 10 is still free haha

    Congrats, Beverly.

    I could go find a bear in the woods and have a bear with me. I know where 8 are.

  5. Beverly's book looks interesting. Yay for free books which I already have too many of.

    1. I add them constantly. One day, I should make a list of the best of my free reads.

  6. Ben's been (ha) pretty popular in our blog community hasn't he? Heh.
    'Bear with me', definitely my sense of humor.
    Thanks, Christine, for all the freebies. They look tantalizing.
    I highly recommend both About Us and Gabe's Guardian Angel.
    YOU stay safe and healthy.

    1. Same to you, Sandra!

      I need to read Beverly's book. I already got the freebies from Christine. I have plenty to keep me busy!

  7. Au contraire. How can a reader possibly be bored? Or isolated? We immerse ourselves in all kinds of worlds with all kinds of people... the possibilities are endless! A person with a good book is never alone. :)

    You and I have the same kinda sense of humor, eh? (We crack ourselves up!)

    Take care.

    1. I know. We are a rare breed. Or a boring breed. LOL. I never get bored. If it wasn't such a horrendous time for so many people, I could enjoy the quiet time. We do share the same sense of humor, so you will understand when I say I talk to myself a lot because some days I'm the only one listening.


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