A Freebie and an Award...

11:39 AM Elizabeth Seckman 25 Comments

I've been promising a give away for my 100 follower thank-ye-very-much, and I came up with the PERFECT IDEA!
Combine shameless self-promotion and a gift and you get...
A free limited edition "PAST DUE" coffee mug...or tea for my friends across the pond.
Be a blog follower and comment below and I'll be picking a winner next Friday.
It will be at random.
No rigged drawings...I don't care how much my mother begs, she's got to play by the rules too. 

Still in the "Coming Soon" category...but edits are all done! Should get my date  anytime now!!!

Now for my award...
Thanks to Annalisa Crawford over at Wake up, Eat, Write, Sleep: Repeat 

I have this pretty little award to add to my at-a-girl pile!

Thanks Annalisa!!

Now to answer the questions...

Favorite song? I have so many. And I cycle them through often, because  get sick of the same thing pretty quickly. But I will say, you will always find Billy Idol somewhere on my playlist.

Favorite dessert? Strawberry shortcake...with lots and lots of whipped cream. (Chocolate isn't a dessert, it's a food group.)

When I'm upset, what do I do? Whine. If it's really bad I whine + wine does the trick. Tragically bad? Pray.

Favorite pet? That's like picking a favorite child. Can't do it. Right now I have three...my dogs, Spot and Grizzly...both are at my feet. And my cat, Mayzie, she sits on the printer. We're buds. Well, all but Grizz and Mayzie...he chases her; she hates him.

Clothes- black or white? Black. It's slimming right? (a girl who thinks chocolate is a staple has to have some counter balance, right?)

My attitude? Sunny, but always a chance of scattered thunder showers.

What is perfection to you? Heaven. And God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost. Everything and everyone  on earth, will have some imperfection.

Thanks Annalisa! This was fun. :)


  1. Will you putting the book as an ebook as well? My nook might get jealous if I cheat on it with a print book. LOL

    1. Yes. It will be available in print and as an ebook. Thanks for asking, anonymous blue person. :)

  2. I have a real thing about collecting mugs, so this really appealed to me lol!

    Congrats on your blog award!

  3. The mug is a great idea! Perfect to drink a tea, while reading the book ;)

    1. Wow...I was thinking, cool drink tea while reading the book...then it hit me...that's my book! Still doesn't seem real!

  4. love the mug.... and if i were to win, i would use it for hot chocolate or maybe hot tea but definitely hot chocolate.
    & i am thrilled that it will be available as an e-reader as well as hard copy but definitely easier for you to sign a hard copy than an iphone, kindle, nook or ipad.

    1. I like hot chocolate too. I could sign your kindle...just don't think you'd want me to!

  5. Ooh, a mug. Can't ever have too many of those. Hope your summer is going well!

  6. Replies
    1. :) Glad I could make you laugh. Thanks for the award!

  7. How freakin' exciting!!!

    And yes, black is so much better with the whole slimming thing. I hear ya on that one :)

    1. Thanks!
      And it's good to see our great minds still think alike!

  8. Love the mug! It looks really good.

    And congrats on your award!

  9. Congratulations!! I cannot wait to read your new book and shamelessly... now I finally personally know someone famous. All kidding aside... I am so happy for you honey!!

    1. Thanks Linda :)
      (though I don't know about that famous thing)


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