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10:09 PM Elizabeth Seckman 16 Comments

Last April my son Cole had a lump on his finger that initial tests indicated sarcoma.

It felt like a ninja kick to the gut. No parent wants to hear any words that mean cancer attached to their baby's name...ever.

Cole was fine, but as we left the hospital we passed through a waiting room filled with kids who were still waiting to be cleared or God forbid waiting to be diagnosed with a parent's worst nightmare.

The words kids + cancer should just never have to be linked together.

Fifteen years ago, when our friends Kevin and Lora Yeater had their baby boy, my husband shared  the good news by telling me, "Kevin and Lora had a boy. They named him Brock Lee."

"Brock Lee?"

"Yeah, after Kevin. Kevin Lee, Brock Lee."

"Seriously?" I asked. "Did they think that through? It sounds like broccoli."

My husband had a good laugh and admitted he was joking. His middle name wasn't Lee.

So, the other night when he told me... Brock has leukemia, I hoped to hell he was pulling my leg, but I knew even as twisted as his sense of humor was he wouldn't joke about this.

I only wish it were a joke. And I'm sure everyone who loves him feels the same. Brock has been diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. At an age when his only worry should be what kind of car his grandma will buy him for his 16th birthday, he has to concentrate on the fight. We know it's a fight he will win, but some support along the way would be greatly appreciated.

If you'd like to send Brock a message of support and prayers (I'm a BIG fan of prayers)  contact him at

Brock's Blog   Click here for updates from Brock.

(And Brock, look on the bright side, I bet you'll be picking the car of your choice, huh Grandma Sharon?)


  1. It is my hope that we can pull together as a community of faith and keep Brock and his family bathed in prayer. Also remember to pray for the medical professionals who will be working with Brock, that they may have the knowledge and expertise to administer to him only the best of care. I pray that Brock will have strength to endure every part of his battle, knowing that with faith in God all things are possible. We will be constantly praying for you, Brock. May God's blessings be upon you and your family.

  2. All right! Here I go again, maybe this time i'll post it right! Don't laugh, I didn't see "Anonymous!" Hey, "Broccoli," at least you turned out to be one handsome looking youg man with this kind of name! Just joking Kevin Lee, had to tease your little "Brock Lee!" Hee,Hee... Blame Grit (aka Elizabeth), she's the one who thought of you like Broccoli, but don't worry cause Dakota used to call Aunt Grit, "Aunt _ it!" You know it's the thing babies nurse on?? Thats what Dakota called Grit for a long time until he said his G's better!!
    But all joking aside just writing to let you know that we are all Praying for you and wan't you to know that the Lord is always with you, know matter what!! You have started a Battle that you will never be alone we are all here for you and your family! God will not let you be alone, together we will conquer! Keep positive, faith & rest will do you good! Hang in there, sending lots of Love & Prayers your way!!
    Love, Corinne ;O

  3. Oh Liz, my heart and prayers go out to Brock and his family. You're right, the words "my kid has cancer" should never have to be spoken by any parent.

  4. Sweetheart you keep fighting and the healing will come . The good lord above will take care of you He has his mighty hand on you . We will keep you and your family in our prayers. Love ya all.

  5. Hey Brock, this is your "old" third grade teacher letting you know that you are in her prayers. If there is any thing I can do for you or your family, just let me know. You hold a special place in my know that! Love, Mrs. Smith (Sarah;)

  6. Thoughts and Prayers to Brock and his entire family. As someone who's walked this walk, I know how important that the outpouring of love and prayers from everyone can be. My mantra during our journey was...If HE leads me to it, HE will lead me through it. My little man asked me to let Brock know that he can do this!! If you all need anything, please let us know!!

  7. Hello Brock, Ed and I are like 2nd parents to your uncle Aaron....we are praying for you and the family. Thru God all things are possible, and without God nothing is possible....remember to put your faith and trust in God. May God bless you, and put his healing hand on you. May God bless your family and give all of you the strength to go through whatever is ahead of you. Ed and Judy Probst

  8. Dave and MIss WestFebruary 3, 2012 at 9:49 AM

    Prayers for you and your family!!!! May God keep you all safe and strong!!! Cancer is not prejudice, but how we wish it was. I have watched you play ball many years and I know you are a great kid and you will pull through this. Prayers again for you all!!!

  9. Prayers for you Brock. You are surrounded by people who care and God's love. Mrs. Kupferer

  10. Hey Brock. You don't know me, but I go to church with your family, your Aunt Punkin.
    Just wanted to you know that our whole church in keeping you in prayer and I will pray for you everyday until we hear those wonderful words...cancer free and completely recovered. If you don't know God as your personal Savior, call on Him and ask Him to come into your life and save you. Then, He can be your strength, your refuge, someone you can call on and talk to any time, day or night to ask for His help.

  11. And on the brighter side, just think of all the cute nurses you will surrounded with and all the jello you can eat :-)

  12. Hey Brock,
    I went to school w/ your mom, dad and all those other crazies like Grit and Corrine! And yes, we called her Grit back then too! And my son goes to school at TCMS, Dalton, he's in 6th grade!
    We are all going to pray you through this young man! Be strong! And as my wonderful neighbor Charlotte said if you don't know Jesus yet, He can help us through the hard times for sure!
    Love to you and your entire family!!

  13. You're right, those are two words that should never go together. You certainly have a courageous spirit though, and I'm sure it will only come in handy.

  14. Thank you so much Grit as you and Chad have been a true blessing from above. Thank everyone who has prayed for Brock as he is cradled in prayer. We are humbled by all the thoughts and prayers you don't know how much it means to us

  15. Kevin, don't make me cry! Your family is our family. And always remember, it was you, twenty some years ago, who argued Chad Seckman's case~ when I trusted him about as far as I could throw him...with one hand~ you assured me he was for real. Were it not for you going to bat for a friend, we might not be where we are. We have you to thank for us.


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