Snow Day

12:29 PM Elizabeth Seckman 0 Comments

"i've seen lots of kids in their snow get-ups this afternoon, carrying their sleds. of course, it was almost sixty degrees yesterday, so nothing's really sticking or slick, but that's the kind of optimism that i want to have when i start every year."  Kelli Caseman, facebook philosopher

Thought of this today as another skiff of snow barely covers the tips of the grass, yet I know the kids will be out, ready to hit the still muddy slopes. 

As an adult, I know it's the wrong kind of snow. It's a blustery powder that isn't good for much beyond wind burn. And sleds probably won't do much more than tear up the grass and cause a mud hole come spring.

But still they will try. Happily. 

For a time.

But the day will come when they learn these things and know by a single look out a window that today is not a good sledding day.

It's a maturity thing. 

So maybe, just regain our child like optimism...we need to dream without the constraints of logic. 

Maybe that is the truth behind optimism.

My little boy...on a day the snow was just right.


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