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My husband posted last week that the blog needed to have less words (former freaking all star, can you tell?). I aim to please, so here’s what I think in a few less words.
1.       Always choose laughter.  If torn between  a tear jerker or a side splitter, call the doctor and tell him to schedule you for stitches (get it…side splitting?).  Life brings enough tears, why seek them out?

2.       Always be yourself…it’s good practice for when you get old and simply remembering where you are is difficult enough.

3.       Never make choices based on money. Nothing I can buy is eternal. In the long run…it’s all just yard sale fodder.

4.       Never mind read. Unless someone TELLS you what they think, you’re probably wrong.

5.       Err on the side of the positive. (For example, my husband for our first (married) Christmas got me tires. Why? Because he wants me to always arrive home safely, not because he was a tight wad who parlayed a needed expenditure into a Christmas gift.)

6.       Put people first. People trump objects every time, in every situation, no exclusions.

7.       Stop beating up on your body, yourself, or your life.  We worry so much about our body beautiful that we forget to appreciate that our body is still doable (by that I mean in terms of locomotion...pervert)

8.       Do what you love, even if you aren’t  the best of the best.  Some things should be measured in pleasure factors, not success quotas.

9.        Don’t waste time on a hater. I tell my kids all the time, the easiest way to feel tall is to knock someone else over. And some people are so tiny, that’s all they have.

10.   Always remember, God built the universe with words…they have power, use them wisely.


  1. VERY wise words! I wholeheartedly agree with everything except your husband's advice. We're writers. We may know how to be concise, but we write novels, for goodness sake! :) See my blog! It's way too long. :)

  2. LOL Jessie. My husband suggested less words to appeal to people who don't like to read. Kind of like a commercial. ;)

  3. The above was me...didn't realize Chad was logged on. Oh well, guess people will think my husband has a husband!

  4. I was going to point out which numbers I like the best, but I can't decide. This sounds like my parents sage advice. Good stuff. (And so short and concise too!)

  5. Another great post that put a big smile on my face. I'm so glad you decided to do this. Now I know what you meant by "see #7 of Liz's rules" on Jess's post. ;) Waiting patiently for the next one. Are you trying to do these weekly?

  6. Yep...weekly is my goal. Thanks for postinf links Rita!

  7. I love it! Your blog puts a smile on my face and makes me remember all the good times we had together growing up! I can actually hear you saying what you are writing. And us laughing together too. Keep up the good work. By the way, how did you become so wise????

  8. Wise...lol...can you convince my kids of that?
    Glad you like it. :)

  9. Keep up the good work ES or CS or whoever you're logged in as.

    I'm thoroughly enjoying the blogs, and with all respect to your husband (who earns SUPER POINTS for his Avatar --- Ask him if he recognizes mine)

    WORDS ARE IMPORTANT! I wish people would stop catering to the least common denominator. I appreciate short bursts of communication, but don't limit yourself just to satisfy an idiot.

    Not that your husband is an idiot. The general illiterate masses are idiots.

  10. This is great! You should put a sticky on this one so people can keep referring to it. I laughed at #7 before reading your little admonition. Yes, I'm apparently I'm a pervert! ;D

  11. Joshua- he says it looks like ant man, but since he's blue, he'll guess blue beetle.

  12. Nothing wrong with being a pervert Kristen ;)
    What's a sticky? All I know about stickies are little yellow post it notes!

  13. Hee, I bet calling it a sticky isn't even what those posts are called on Blogger, but I couldn't think of any other word. There's a way that you can "sticky" your favorite or best posts so they always show up in the sidebar or whatever, so they don't get buried in the archives as you write more blog posts. I have my Kid-isms and YA agents posts listed on the right side of my blog, under the archive.

  14. What an excellent post! And #10 is my very FAVORITE. Beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing these!

    Anita (raven1 from QT)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sorry for the above removed comment. I accidentally double posted. LOL!


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