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11:47 AM Elizabeth Seckman 7 Comments

Okay, we're almost a week into the Lent season~ oh,Lent is the 40 days of fasting and self denial before Easter Sunday (that's my Sunday school answer for my Sunday school phobic friends).

So, for years I tried and failed to give up chocolate. I also attempted a  calorie restriction model of fasting (nice way of saying dieting for God). Also a failure.

Then it occurred to me...I'm just trying to shed pounds (save money on Weight Watchers!) and call it devotion.

I decided I needed to shed something more meaningful.

So, I thought, what bad habits do I have?

A-ha! I am a mealy mouthed white liar!
I decided to go 40 days without my little white lies.
I succeeded, though how I managed NOT to get fired is beyond me.
The most memorable moment? Chronically arriving late for morning meetings, my boss asked, "Traffic bad?"
"Nope." I answered taking my seat. "Just REALLY do NOT want to be here.”

And it didn't work so well in my social life either..."wanna see a movie?"
"Nah...too lazy to shower. The benefit/ output ratio is really not worth it."

I need not tell all, just know the bottom line...honesty is liberating, but brutal honesty is best saved for people with thicker skin and less concern for feelings. And maybe, just maybe I won't end up in hell for just saying, "I've got too much to do" as an answer. Or "Sorry for running slow this morning" as an excuse.
It's not a lie, but it's generic enough to not be hurtful or rude.

Now, fast forward to my post 40 self (I'd say 30, but I do refrain from bold faced lies). She (that 40 year old chick) is a little smarter, a little more intuitive than her 20 something counterpart. And she has determined, the restriction approach does nothing to help the self. For me?
Self denial=obsession. 

Now for Lent, I look to add something. Maybe set aside fifteen extra minutes a day of devotion time; pick a charity of the week for the four weeks and donate money or time; scour the house and eliminate all those things I like, but no longer use, and drop them off at the Salvation Army; even a ten minute walk is an add.
'Adding to' my life works better for me than 'restricting from' anything. And the goal of Lent for me, isn't to prove anything to God...He knows what He's getting...but the goal of the season is to gain the most positive dimensions to my evolving self.

What's your spin on Lent?


  1. Since the goal of any sort of fasting is to go to God when we "feel the pinch of temptation", I fully agree with your "Adding something" attitude!

    As for the brutal honesty and thick skin, I think, being writers, we do just fine with that. I mean how many other people hear "You're not good enough" 100+ times over one project and still press on?

    I've decided to give up receiving rejection for lent! Oh wait, that requires all the agents I've submitted to to agree to this as well. Oh well, better luck next time!

  2. I love it! 'Adding to" my life works better for me also. I've never "gone without" for lent, but I have "gone without" for many other reasons. I love your idea & plan to follow it myself. Thanks!

  3. Jessie~ I will happily give up rejection for lent too. I always said I'll quit writing when I accumulate 1000 rejects. So none of the ones I get in the next 4 weeks count!
    Rita~ you're a natural giver, adding something for yourself is highly recommended. :)

  4. Welp sweety, most people won't take 5 minutes to read something. Can you boil one down to ten easy to read words?

  5. Always strive...ooops, I mean work, to be the best you can be.

    That better?

  6. i had never thought much about "not" 'giving up something' for Lent until a few years ago. it was during our Priest's Homily & he said that Lent isn't just about what we can do without, but what we can do to make things better. & that got me thinking(scary): i've given up the chocolate, i've fasted, etc, but i've never done the opposite. & now, that is what i try to do; b/c if can work on being a better person in my 'lacking' areas, then i am not the only one that wins!!!!


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