Ft. Benning

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This spring, Boy #3 graduated from infantry training. While visiting Ft. Benning, we spent a day at the National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center, in Columbus, Georgia. Normally, a museum is to me like an amusement park is to a ten-year-old. But this time, I was a bit skeptical about an entire museum devoted to the lineman of the military.  Sure, they are critically important, super heroic, and exceedingly altruistic, but how exciting could three stories of history devoted to ground troops be?

Short answer? Very!

There were so many stories of heroism and sacrifice from the founding of America to the War on Terror, I was stunned. If there's a patriotic bone in your body, you'll come out of the museum wanting to wave a flag and hug a soldier. It's definitely a must-see. It's interesting, humbling, and free. 

While I was there, I wanted to take photos, much like a travel blogger. I somewhat succeeded. I have pictures of things I thought were interesting, but the quality is far from professional.  I look at my photo skills like I do my singing skills— I don't have to be good at it to enjoy it. 

So, here we go...

First photo. The amazing dogs of the infantry. If you've seen the movie, "Dog", with Channing Tatum, you know war dogs can also suffer from PTSD, just like their human counterparts. These are some special pooches, so it's good to know the Army takes good care of them. 

Pro tip: be sure to get the shadow of your phone in the pic so people know you really were there.

The infantry motto. They are some of the first to hit the ground in times of war, hence the Follow Me credo. If ya'll counted on me for your freedom, you'd be SOL. My credo would be Duck and Cover!  


We'd driven by several of these houses straddled by towers. I had no clue what they were. The IRL tower/houses didn't have the parachutes attached, so my best guess was old-fashioned radio, communication spots.
The real use of the tower house? Airborne training. My son was headed to Airborne, and I couldn't imagine falling from a tower...or climbing the steps to get there!
*Once he was in Airborne, he told me they no longer use the tower houses. Seems free-falling soldiers isn't the best way to train them.

Can you imagine free-falling from one of these towers? Not me. I'd have coded out after the climb up the tower because I'm not seeing an elevator.

There were lots of interesting exhibits in the museum. The wax soldiers were modeled after active duty infantry soldiers. Every single one was a different real-life hero. That sort of attention to detail was used in every exhibit. The modern exhibits even had hand held video games and iPhones. 


This is the last of the interesting tidbits in my vacation slide show. This is the parade field where ceremonies, such as graduation, are held. In 2009, this became "hallowed" ground after they sprinkled the field with soil from historic battlefields where the infantry fought and some died to preserve American freedom. There is soil from the battlegrounds of Yorktown, Antietam, Soissons, Normandy, Corregidor, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 


  1. Coming from a military family, I'd find it highly fascinating. Free-falling soldiers isn't the best way to train them? Who knew?

    1. As you would say, highly recommended!

      I think they have them zipline off a platform to learn how to master the landing. But I don't really know. My son was telling me how they train you to land and I couldn't imagine it and had to look up a youtube video.

  2. I love museums. This one looks like a fantastic one. Congrats to your son.

    1. When I graduated high school, my parents offered to take me to Disney World. I traded that for a week at Colonial Williamsburg.

  3. Wow - this post alone is very powerful. It inspires patriotism. Thank you.
    Your family is super-heroic.

    1. I will give hero status to every man and woman who serves or served. Aside from the threat of bodily harm and death, they have to put up with the weirdest rules and do things I'd NEVER do like 10 mile runs with weighted backpacks. I walk to the kitchen and try to cal that exercise.

  4. Thank you for your son and family inspiring us and protecting us. Amen.

  5. How cool! And I'm with you on the tower. I'd never survive the climb; we won't even discuss free-falling. Nope, nope, nope.

    Thanks for sharing your pics and commentary. I never knew this museum existed.

    1. Yep, if the heart didn't fail on the way up, it definitely would on the way down!


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